Des cotons et des couleurs

Extracs of Coton de Tuléar standard (F.C.I. n 283 / 04.02.2000 / F) regarding the color

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Small, long-haired companion dog with a white cotton textured coat, with round, dark eyes and a lively, intelligent expression.

Hair : This is one of the main characteristics of the breed from which its very name derives. Very soft and supple, with the texture of cotton, never hard or rough, the coat is dense, profuse and can be very slightly wavy.

Color : Ground colour : White. A few slight shadings of light grey colour (mixture af white and black hairs) or of red-roan (mixture of white and fawn hairs) are permitted on the ears. On other parts of the body, such shadings can be tolerated if they do not alter the general appearance of white coat. They are however not sought after.

And nevertheless our small Coton is often born with the colour... Although it is not appreciated in show, there is a lot of people worldwide who are amateurs of colored Cotons. In some countries people are speaking about bicolor ou tricolor Cotons ... Nevertheless it is indeed Cotons !

The comment of this page is to present you the widest possible pannel of the colours that one can meet in the race and their various evolutions.


What one can say, it is that in fact according to the lineages, the colour can disappear, lighten or live. Certain marriages can highlight colours which were not present at the relative's (parent's).



















Thank you to Ann Huntington and Sara France Saint Pierre (la Cotonnerie) to allow us to use some of their pictures.