"I'm stoping breeding"

Cathy Armani explains us why ...

As perhaps some of you knows yet, we took the very hard decision to stop breeding. This is always very difficult to give explanations in a foreign language, we will try :
We aren't divorcing nor we have any money problems. Breeding dogs is a dedicatesd job which necessitate a lot of attention and care ans it is very time consuming. Our professional and family life doesn't allow us anymore to keep the high standard of quality that people of are use to have from l'Écho des Élingues and we cannot bear to go out of this.

Our family grew up since July 28th with the birth of Apolline, Gwendoline's little girl.We want Fred and I to do the better for her and want to play the grand-parents role as well as possible :-) and we want to involve us in a new life style.

My 4 and 5 years old females have found excellent families as companion dogs, they can now be happy as young retired. Regarding the "stars" from my kennel and the young who have to begin their carrier show a reputable Canadian breeder or to be exact a reputable breeder from Quebec, wanted to continue all the work we have done since 10 years and offer to take all the dogs together. So they can remain together. So Reggae, Raffia, R'Sushi, U'R the One.....are now in Sara France Saint Pierre's home, kennel la Cotonnerie.
A young female was taken by Cotonbrie kennel (in Italy) who's working since several years now with dogs from Monoï. The last pups are in Linda Dolan and Luiz Ortiz home(USA)

Stoping breeding doesn't mean that we can live without Cotons, so we are keeping our"old" Monoï (without him l'Echo des ELingues kennel won't be what it has been) and Tutti Frutti who did not finish her show carrier yet.

I'm stoping breeding but not showing, I want to be clear ! I'm a show fancier, so hope perhaps I can meet you in some shows. Tutti Frutti after winning the World Dog Junior Championship became some weeks ago a young French Champion (Read on Tutti Frutti's page). She'll surely visit some other shows in Europe. I kept a little girl from Raffia too, and I hope she'll can do as well as her mother in show.

I hope that the old and the newby breeders will take they job with serious and that they'll do their best to do that the Coton will remain the fantastic breed it is. Monoï was the first French Coton checked voluntary for the yes deseases, and regarding Reggae, his grand-son, the first French Coton to be checked for the hips.

L'Echo des Elingues won more that 37 Champion titles on the last 5 years

With you to take over

Best regrads to everybody

Cathy Armani



- L'Echo des Elingues - 2003