Heidi Petran , sent us some other anecdotes regarding Mon Chéri, their little Coton de Tulear female. They live in USA. Everybody remember the first part of the histories of this little white fluffy ball . So go on for :


MonCHerie’s Run In With the Police


Can you believe this innocent, lovely face belongs to a Coton who recently had several run-ins with the Police?

The other night we went outside one more time before going to bed. Mon Cherie loves to speak and say good night to the whole neighborhood. This time she would not stop and was very loud. A squad car stopped at the curb and the police officer asked what all this noise was about. It is late and Mon Cherie was disturbing the peace. He did not look very happy or pleasant. I explained to him that she must have seen some animal in the bushes. His response was: "See to it that it doesn’t happen again or there would be a fine." Ufff is all I can say.

The next day we were driving to the groomer. Mon Cherie sat in her car seat in the back of the car. At the next intersection, there were several squad cars and every car was stopped. What was going on? It was a Seatbelt Inspection. To wear a seat belt is now law in Illinois. Of course, I was wearing my seatbelt and I told the officer as I opened the back windows: Even my dog is obeying the law. He started laughing and called over to his partner: "Hey, Joe, come over here. You’ve got to take a look at this" None had ever seen a dog in a car seat and they cracked up. At this moment, Mon Cherie started barking. She was defending HER territory. This was not to be the last run-in with the police that day.



Later that afternoon we were taking our daily long walk. Suddenly there was a lot of police activity at our street corner. A car had hit a boy on a bicycle. As if she sensed the seriousness of the situation, Mon Cherie sat down politely and waited next to me. We did not approach the accident scene much more. A couple of hours later a police detective investigating the accident rang our doorbell. He wanted to know if I had seen anything. I mentioned what I had observed. Of course, Mon Cherie had to bark when the doorbell rang. Again as if she sensed it was something serious, she sat down and was very quiet while I was talking to the policeman. I told him that she was a witness also. This cracked him up and he had to laugh despite the sadness of the incident. The boy on the bicycle did not survive.

It seems that Mon Cherie is getting well known in police circles. Also the firemen and paramedics see her a lot. We live near a forestation. Every time the fire engines roar by while we are walking, they give us a big hoop on the horn saluting us.






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