Heidi Petran , sent us some other anecdotes regarding Mon Chéri, their little Coton de Tulear female. They live in USA. Everybody remember the first part of the histories of this little white fluffy ball . So go on for :


Hello! I am Stilmeadows Mon Cheri. I just celebrated my fourth birthday. I must say that I lead the life of a princess. My mom adores me and spoils me rotten :-). Of course, I love her dearly and cannot live without her. She is my favorite person. Since my life is so wonderful, I also have many favorite things. First of all, there is food of course. Besides my regular dog food, I love to eat carrots and watermelon.

On my recent birthday I tasted vanilla ice cream for the first time and now I am addicted to it.

I cannot have too much, because I have to watch my figure. But mom lets me have one or two licks.

MMMMMM. She also bakes me special coton cookies. MMMMMM. Something else I like to do is sleep, especially on mom’s bed. I like to lie on my pillow there and curl up and dream…of Oliver. His real name is Champion Irresistible Sir Oliver of Lake Jem. That’s quite a name. He is my boyfriend.

Sir Oliver

I love to write to him and he writes me back; we also exchange presents. He sent me a beautiful swan for my last birthday with the words that it is as white and beautiful as I.

My toys

That brings me to another one of my favorite things: I love to sniff and open presents and packages. I always have to help mom unwrap and open them. Actually this is one of my special talents. Hee…hee… My mom usually takes me with her in the car. Now I really like to go by car, because I am not nervous anymore. You see, now I ride in my own car seat and wear a seat belt. I am safe there and can look outside.

I like to visit my girlfriend Lady, a coton who lives around the corner. We play…and play…and play. Usually we want the same toy. Other times, we chase each other in the garden. What fun! Of course we share many secrets.

Lady whispers a secret to me

. In the winter I discovered SNOW. I like to jump and run around in it. I chase the snowflakes and I lick them; they taste so cool


I did not mention my most favorite thing yet: I like to talk and talk, I mean, bark and bark at everything. I have an opinion too and want to express it. My mom is not too happy about all this noise and she nearly cured me of barking. When I see something exciting and bark, she drops the leash and I am scared enough to forget about barking and I run behind her till the interesting object has passed. Deep down, I am a little coward. Well, since I told you about my many favorite things, I have to mention my least favorite things like grooming and brushing, but that’s another story………


Till next time, Mon Cheri


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